Many retirees are devout animal lovers and are reticent to relocate into a senior living community that doesn’t allow them. This is why The Trace maintains an open-door pet policy where you can bring along your furry friends so long as your animals don’t disturb the other members.

About Our Pet Friendly Senior Living Community

Scientific research has consistently shown that those who own pets gain a number of benefits that extend beyond mere affection and companionship. Given the dedication we have for our members and the goal of helping them remain fit and healthy for the duration of their lives, encouraging them to own pets makes perfect sense, and there are also veterinarians who are conveniently located in the Covington, Louisiana area who can provide assistance.

Benefits of Having Pet Friendly Community in Your Senior Living Community

Residing within a senior living community that encourages pet ownership brings numerous advantages, one of which is the alleviation of depression. Many of the elders who live alone without pets or who reside in conventional retirement homes that do not allow them to have pets often feel loneliness and depression which over the long term can compromise their health and vitality.

When you own a pet, it gives you the motivation to provide for it which brings purpose and meaning to your life, and although your animal might not verbally communicate, its very presence will take away feelings of loneliness and sorrow. Pet ownership also increases physical activity since it encourages elders to get off the couch or easy chair so that they can walk and move around. Finally, pet owners have been found to have lower blood pressure when compared to those that don’t possess any animals.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

The Trace is the ultimate destination for elders that wish to remain as active as possible during their retirement. The act of owning a pet and tending to it will stimulate the mind, maintaining its focus while reducing the likelihood of developing terrible ailments such as dementia. Retiring from a 9 to 5 job doesn’t mean that you should just lounge around all day doing nothing, and owning a pet gives you the excuse to get out and play while bringing structure and routine to your life.

Why Choose The Trace’s Senior Living Community?

Retirees from all over Louisiana choose to become members of The Trace because we provide an experience that is unlike anything else. We offer exclusive, private, and furnished dwellings with concierge services and gourmet meals that will elevate your taste buds to another level. But aside from all this, our open-door pet policy attracts animal lovers from all walks of life. Whether you own a cat or a dog our community can accommodate it and you’ll be in an environment where you’ll get to fraternize with other animal lovers, forging friendships that will last a lifetime.

To learn more about living in The Trace, feel free to contact us today.