When properly applied, personal care assistance leads to dignity, comfort, and greater independence for the recipient. Studies reveal that elders recovering from surgery or illness do better when residing in a familiar environment rather than a clinic or hospital.

About Our Personal Care Assistance

The Trace provides 1 on 1 personalized care services which means that our team members will prioritize residents individually instead of as a group. This allows us to customize the plans in a manner that caters to the unique needs of each individual, where residents will have access to nutritious gourmet dining as well as a fitness routine and wellness program which will help them regain their coordination, strength, and balance.

Benefits of Having Personal Care Assistance in Your Senior Living Community

We’ve established an effective regimen that is designed to aid residents with things such as prescription management, care planning, disease recovery, and behavioral education.

Those that desire independent living shouldn’t be expected to do everything on their own. While most who are sixty-five years of age and older want to remain as autonomous as possible, they prefer to spend most of their time engaged in activities that interest them as opposed to doing monotonous chores that can be left to someone else. To that end, our personal care assistance is designed to take care of things such as cooking, laundry, landscaping, and cleaning on their behalf, which saves them a tremendous amount of time.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Retirees who’ve had surgery recently or stayed in a hospital will often need personal care for tasks like wound care and dressings as well as medicinal management. It can be extremely challenging to perform these tasks yourself if you live alone, but by becoming a member of our community you’ll have access to an experienced and trained team that can assist you.

Retirees have varying needs when it comes to the personal care they require, and as a consequence, we are exceptionally versatile with regard to managing them. We will consult with both prospective residents and or their loved ones to establish an optimal care plan which will give them the help they need without sacrificing their independence.

Why Choose The Trace’s Senior Living Community?

Retirees choose to settle down with us because we provide cutting-edge procedures such as speech pathology, physiotherapy, and assistance with conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia. This combined with the many amenities we offer such as private dwellings, fine dining, concierge services, and weekly entertainment and activities makes us Louisiana’s top retirement destination. Our goal is to do more than just care for our residents; we seek to provide them with a fulfilling quality of life that will enable them to enjoy their golden years in comfort.

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