Are you a big fan of living more closely with nature rather than the city? If so, then Abita Springs could be an ideal city for you to live in. Located in the heart of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana, Abita today is well known for being a relaxed area filled with positive energy. Abita is also a popular area for music and funky festivals, offering residents a stress-free and exciting way of life.

Additionally, the town of Abita Springs is also well-known for its artesian waters and the Abita Brewery, which offer tours and tastings. As such, these factors make Abita Springs an ideal place for some retirees to settle down in. Read on if you are interested in learning more information about senior living in Abita Springs.

Enjoyable Dining Experiences in Abita Springs

Diet is one aspect of life that goes through a big chance come retirement. As age catches up with us, the effects of consuming the right foods become more apparent through the changes in our bodies. Unfortunately, the elderly find it extremely difficult to stick to their nutritious diet plans, having to find the right dining out options and preparing meals.

If that sounds familiar to you, then you might be delighted to know that The Trace offers our very own in-house dining solution to our residents, also known as Sensations Dining.

Being a community that offers memory care and assisted retirement living programs, all residents can choose to enjoy their 3 meals of the day at Sensations, which consist of a rotating nutritious menu. In addition, these meals are prepared by professional cooks that use only the freshest ingredients, ensuring residents consume nothing but the best.

Convenient Housekeeping Services in Abita Springs

With food concerns being taken care of, The Trace also looks at common woes faced by retirees in Abita Springs. Another common problem that surfaced was housekeeping, a chore that can’t be completed as easily as before for many retirees. As such, The Trace also offers an in-house Impressions Housekeeping and Maintenance service so that residents can save themselves the hassle of cleaning the home.

Concierge Services in Abita Springs

With convenience at the core of the community’s foundation, The Trace also features a concierge service for residents in Abita Springs. Regardless of whether they need help with reserving movie tickets, restaurant bookings, parcel management, or others alike, The Trace’s Expressions Concierge has got you covered.

Transportation Assistance in Abita Springs

Aside from convenience within the community of The Trace at Abita Springs, it is also important to consider the experience of when residents have to travel out of the community. Here at The Trace, residents have access to complimentary Connections Transportation, getting them wherever they need to be.

Why Choose The Trace?

The Trace is well-known to be extremely comprehensive in ensuring the best way of life for the elderly in retirement. At the same time, The Trace is also deemed to be priced attractively, alongside programs like the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee program that give new residents a seamless transition.

To learn more about senior living in Abita Springs, feel free to contact us today.