Those suffering from incontinence may have involuntary or accidental discharges from their bladder or bowels. It commonly occurs in many elders and affects both females and males. While it is not life-threatening in itself, it can be a source of significant embarrassment and frustration.

Benefits of Having Continence Management in Your Senior Living Community

Because incontinence has multiple causes, therefore, we provide numerous treatment options. Examples of this include consuming fiber-rich meals, engaging in pelvic floor fitness routines, following specific toiletry habits.

Our team members are caring and recognize the sensitivity of this subject. The therapeutic methods they employ do require time to demonstrate effectiveness and residents should never be fearful or embarrassed when it comes to talking about it. These discussions will always stay confidential and provide confidence to members who know they have someone they can confide in.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

The Trace is the perfect locale for retirees who are recovering from a recent surgical operation or whose mobility is limited due to injury and illness. Contrary to popular belief, incontinence is a phenomenon that is seen in persons of every age and even those who are active and healthy may display it.

However, this is just one of the many benefits you’ll gain from joining us. You’ll also have access to an opulent atmosphere where you’ll enjoy premium dining, weekly activities and entertainment, chauffeured transportation, and personal assistance. This will allow you to enjoy a lifestyle that is comfortable and fulfilling.

Why Choose The Trace’s Senior Living Community?

Our team has extensive experience working with patients that have developed incontinence and they understand the private and sensitive nature of it.  Although the majority of incontinence cases are non-hazardous, there are instances where a patient may be incapable of urinating or could suffer a total bladder control loss. If this is accompanied by diarrhea or rashes that last longer than twenty-four hours, then these individuals will be taken to a physician as an extra precaution.

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