Twenty-four-seven medical care is a necessity for any premium senior living community and here at The Trace, we employ a medical team that is available to provide assistance whenever you request it. Our certified nurses and personal assistants can work with residents who are suffering from various ailments.

About Our 24/7 Medical Care

While many of our residents are active and healthy, there are others that require medical care due to injury, illness, or recovery from surgery. Our team members are diligent, courteous, experienced, and caring, and they will work closely with you before, during, and after your rehabilitation.

Benefits of Having 24/7 Medical Care in Your Senior Living Community

There are numerous benefits that retirees will gain after becoming members of the community.  Our team can offer guidance with basic daily functions such as dressing, grooming, and bathing. Our residents want to look their best at all times, and our assistants will help them with this. Members that require guidance with meal preparation, bathing, mobility, and shopping will also be tended to. One of the best advantages of joining our senior living community is that you’ll get the opportunity to socialize with others of the same age group who have similar hobbies and interests.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Those who are 65 years of age and older want to maintain their clarity, vitality, and independence for as long as possible, but sometimes injury and illness will disrupt these plans. Many elders are living alone due to the death of a spouse and their children and grandchildren may live too far away to assist them during an emergency. By becoming a member of our community, you’ll be part of a community where you will have trained personnel on hand who can come to your aid in the midst of a health crisis, which greatly increases survivability, and this combined with the social bonds you’ll form makes the experience worth it.

Why Choose The Trace’s Senior Living Community?

What makes our community different from standard retirement homes is that we seek to do more than just care for elders and help them manage their illness or injury. Instead, we utilize the latest technologies and therapeutic approaches to help our members overcome their condition as best they can so they can become as active as possible while enjoying their golden years in comfort, and this combined with the lavish amenities we offer such as fine dining, concierge services, and private dwellings makes The Trace a community which sets itself apart.

To learn more about living in The Trace, feel free to contact us today.