One of the many amenities offered at The Trace, a Discovery Senior Living residence is access to our senior living transportation services. As you read the following information, you may think, “This is too good to be true!” But it’s true. Living at The Trace is senior living at its best.

About Our Senior Living Transportation Services

Whether you know you should no longer drive, never had a driver’s license, or you simply are tired of having to deal with the hassles of traffic, directions, and more, our Connections Transportation Services have you covered. Do you have a doctor’s appointment that you need to go to, a lunch you would like to attend with a friend, or would you like to enjoy a nearby concert in the park? We can help with our senior living transportation services.

Hand-in-hand with our transportation service is our Expressions Concierge program. Need a ride into town? Need tickets for a movie? What about reservations for you and a friend at the best restaurant in the area? Let the concierge know what you need, and they will do everything in their power to make it happen – that includes getting you a ride when you need it.

Benefits of Having Senior Living Transportation Services in Your Senior Living Community

Though there are any number of programs, activities, and events to enjoy at The Trace, occasionally you may feel the need to get away. If you would like to attend religious services, go on fun excursions, enjoy some off-site dining, or get a little shopping done, it’s good to be able to depend on transportation services to take you to area locations and nearby attractions. Whether you regularly plan/schedule trips or just feel like getting out for a while, knowing you have someone else to deal with the driving provides peace of mind.

Particularly as people age, they may deprive themselves of certain activities and enjoyments because they don’t want to deal with nighttime driving, heavy traffic, unfamiliar directions, the possibility of an automobile breakdown, and more. That’s no way to live life – particularly in your golden years. We’ll take the hassle of driving off your hands.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Whether you’ve decided to move to a senior living community because you simply want to kick back and enjoy your golden years or dealing with daily activities has become a little too difficult, living at The Trace will be precisely what you need. The atmosphere is resort-like, feeling like a vacation every day. If it’s time to just relax and revel in life or if a bit of assistance is required, either way, the caring team at The Trace is here for you.

Why Choose The Trace’s Senior Living Community?

The atmosphere at The Trace makes it feel like you’re on vacation all the time. In addition to numerous activities and events, health and wellness programs, and concierge/transportation services, you’ll have access to three delicious and nutritious chef-prepared meals every day, served in a fine dining atmosphere. You don’t have to worry about housekeeping or home maintenance anymore, either. Imagine having all that free time and so many opportunities for enjoyment!

To learn more about living in The Trace, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what our senior living community has to offer.