Our Senior Living Community is Nationally Recognized for Our Approach to Memory Care

Shine logoWhen your loved one enters our SHINE® Memory Care neighborhood, our goal is to guide them along a journey of discovery in all that they do. We have nurses and certified nurse assistants (with ongoing education) who have undergone specialized training in memory care diseases-chart which is a course for them to explore various important aspects of life. This program is designed to preserve and rebuild what their symptoms have taken from them.

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What Is a Senior Memory Care Community?

Our SHINE® Memory Care program curriculum has earned a National Certificate of Recognition from the Alzheimer’s Association®, the country’s leading, voluntary health organization dedicated to Alzheimer’s care and research. The distinction is one that we share with a small and elite group of U.S. memory care providers. SHINE® is a uniquely personalized approach to memory care which uses scientific principles to promote engagement, comprehension and lifestyle quality for your loved one diagnosed with dementia including Alzheimer’s Disease and other memory-related conditions. At The Trace, we understand the challenges people with memory-related illnesses face. In our memory care community, you’ll find experienced team members who provide comprehensive, compassionate care..

The SHINE® Memory Care Program focuses on:

Discover Confidence, Independence, and Self-Esteem

The Trace’s SHINE® Memory Care Program makes a practice of the following:

  • Promoting physical exercise, and striving to maintain social contacts, and stimulating cognitive acuity
  • Instead of focusing on our residents’ limitations, we focus on their strengths
  • Encouragement to actively participate in daily life activities.
  • Celebrating small successes regularly as they come

Discover Delicious Dining

At our SHINE® Memory Care community, we also provide:

  • Healthy meals that promote an overall healthy lifestyle
  • Active social participation in dining, and providing assistance as needed
  • A calm, peaceful dining environment and service at the same time each day, which allows residents to focus on eating
  • “Food on the Run” service for residents who frequently wander or have trouble focusing at mealtime

Discover and Experience Fun and Engaging Activities

An active mind equals a healthy mind. To this end, The Trace offers:

  • Activities that are customized to each resident’s abilities
  • Purpose-driven activities in both small groups and on a one-to-one basis
  • Activities and games that are age-appropriate, non-competitive and failure-free
  • Consideration in terms of likes and dislikes with each resident

Perhaps the most important aspect of our memory care program is a sense of belonging. Our SHINE® program includes:

  • Play and leisure activities that promote friendship and fun
  • Active support with activities that help to foster a sense of self-reliance and independence
  • Work activities and productive exercises to get a sense of personal success and self-worth

What Makes Our Senior Memory Care Program Special

Shine Memory Care
Our SHINE® Memory Care Program is built around various discoveries from confidence, independence, self-esteem, dining, friendship and belonging, and fun and exciting activities. The program conducts this by highlighting:

  • Team Member Training – Each SHINE® team member receives extensive, specialized training and certification, to make them qualified to administer extraordinary care.
  • Communication – creating a stronger bond between residents, families, and care providers through superior communication protocol.
  • Dining – Our dining experience uses subtle sciences to stimulate interaction, appetite, participation, and awareness.
  • Life Enhancement – Purpose-driven enrichment via sensory experiences, one-on-one and group activities, and quiet and relaxing moments.
  • Neighborhood Design – Created with safety and security, convenience, health, and happiness in mind.
  • My Story – As a component of the care plan and to help engage residents by celebrating both their individuality and life, a handcrafted, My Story book is used daily.

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