Managing medication properly is crucial, and has become a prime directive for every senior living community. Medication that is administered improperly or in the wrong dosage can lead to adverse reactions and even death, which is why our team at The Trace follows stringent protocols which are in compliance with state and federal law.

About Our Medication Management

Our team realizes that the management system that works for one patient may be ineffective for another, which is why we promote individual assessment and assistance. We will review the medicine which each resident is currently taking to determine whether it’s actually needed, as taking too much medication has its own inherent risks. Once this is done we will assess the ability of residents to administer their own medication correctly.

Benefits of Having Medication Management in Your Senior Living Community

The primary benefit that retirees gain by becoming members of The Trace is personalized medication management. Each resident will be encouraged to attend sessions with a therapist where their health status will be evaluated along with their existing comorbidities to determine how they can be improved. The results from the evaluation will be used to craft a treatment plan which can then be successfully deployed.

Residents that stick to our medicine management program will drastically lower their medical costs since research shows that the full price nationally for illness and death which results from improper medication management exceeds a staggering $500 billion annually, which is approximately sixteen percent of American medical expenditures. Maintaining strict adherence to the program produced by our team results in lower hospital stays, a better lifestyle, and extended longevity.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Our community is ideal for retirees who are having difficulty managing their medications, either because they are taking too much or because they’ve developed cognitive disorders such as Alzheimer’s or dementia and are no longer capable of adequately taking their medicine on schedule.

Why Choose The Trace’s Senior Living Community?

It is common for those who are sixty-five years of age and older to use multiple forms of medication, and there are cases when some of it is not needed. Being overmedicated can actually be quite dangerous not just due to the many side effects that one can experience, but also because it increases the chances of an overdose, which kills large numbers of Americans each year of all ages.