Known for its great food scene, rich culture, unique and quirky shops, Covington, Louisiana is a beautiful town to settle in. Nestled among three rivers, the city of Covington is lined up with both modern-day infrastructure as well as many historic buildings, homes, and museums. As such, residents of Covington get to enjoy both the convenience of city living as well as the rustic charm of an old town. With an abundance of restaurants, specialty shops, art galleries, boutiques, and other retailers alike, Covington is undoubtedly one of the ideal cities to settle down for retirement. Read on to learn more about senior living in Covington.

Enjoyable Dining Experiences in Covington

Quality dining spots are spread all over the city of Covington, ensuring that you won’t run out of food options at any time. Living in Covington also offers the perfect foods for people that are looking to follow a healthier diet. With options like Sensations Dining offered by The Trace, retirees can look forward to enjoying healthy and delicious meals right in the comfort of their community. With executive chefs cooking up all 3 meals a day and an ever-rotating menu, you will never have to worry about food when residing at The Trace.

Convenient Housekeeping Services in Covington

Old age is naturally associated with a decrease in flexibility, mobility, as well as energy levels. As such, it can become tiring or even dangerous to constantly perform housework to keep the home clean. At The Trace, an Impressions Housekeeping and Maintenance team will sweep away all of your home maintenance worries, keeping your residence clean and tidy.

In addition, homes located in The Trace also come with an emergency call response system, ensuring that residents get the professional help they need in the event of emergencies, all 24 hours and 7 days a week.

Concierge Services in Covington

Apart from housekeeping chores, other mundane tasks can be an annoying obstacle for those looking to enjoy retirement doing the activities they love. That is why at The Trace, an Expressions Concierge is in place to alleviate the tasks for you. Regardless of whether it involves scheduling transportation services, reserving restaurant or movie tickets, parcel management, or any other similar tasks, the Expressions concierge has got it covered.

Transportation Assistance in Covington

Transportation can be quite the trouble for retirees that face mobility challenges, sometimes even discouraging them from visiting family members or even hospital checkups. The Trace understands these concerns, and as such, offers our residents a complimentary Connections Transportations service to get them where they need to be.

Why Choose The Trace?

If you have been on the lookout for a quality senior living community in Covington, then we highly recommend that you consider The Trace by Discovery Senior Living. With a full suite of amenities and services in place for residents to thoroughly enjoy retirement life, you can rest assured that residents here enjoy a good quality of life. In addition, we are also well-known for our caring and professional staff that do their utmost in caring for residents, winning the trust of our residents’ families over the years.

To learn more about senior living in Covington, feel free to contact us today.