At a certain point in life, there comes a time when a senior living community is likely the best choice. Whether a bit of assistance is needed, you simply prefer to sit back and enjoy your golden years, or if a memory-related condition is taking hold, living at The Trace can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

When you think about it, now that the kids are on their own, you don’t have to worry about going to work every day, and you don’t really want to do household repairs and cleaning every day, living in a senior living community will be awesome! Especially with so many amenities offered at The Trace.

We offer two types of senior living options: Our SHINE Memory Care program, and also an assisted living option.

What is Senior Living?

Let’s look briefly at each of the senior living options mentioned above:

To cater to various needs, The Trace offers four options for assisted living. Our 1 bedroom/1-bathroom apartments are roomy. Then again, our comfortable but compact suites might be all you need. Either way, you’re provided with a well-equipped kitchenette with a refrigerator and microwave, spacious bathrooms, and sufficient living space.

To assist individuals with memory-related issues, discover all they can do, and be all they can be, we guide them along their journey through our SHINE Memory Program. With certified nurse assistants and specially trained nurses, your loved one will receive the best care possible. Whatever their symptoms have taken from them and their lives, our program is designed to rebuild and preserve as much as possible.

Benefits of Senior Living

To see to it that your loved one receives all the nutrition, socialization, health and wellness programs, and assistance with daily activities they need, the caring team at The Trace is ready to help. Whether it’s just a little bit of assistance with everyday tasks, or the need for guidance and encouragement to get through their day, that’s why we are here.

You will enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one is safe, happy, and as healthy as possible, thanks to the numerous programs and amenities offered at The Trace.

When Is It Time for Senior Living?

If Alzheimer’s, or dementia has crept into your life or the life of a loved one, a memory care program could be just what is needed.

If daily activities have gotten a bit too troublesome, and you or your loved one could use a little help, assisted living is a good choice.

Why Choose The Trace?

We want everyone to have the best quality living option, with their very own sophisticated, high-end apartment to call their own. That’s why, at The Trace, we offer several floor plans, a housekeeping team, and a maintenance crew who will fix whatever needs repairs. What’s more, we have a vast array of high-quality amenities for everyone to enjoy – regardless of their living option.

Whether you need to participate in a memory care program or you just require a little bit of assistance with daily activities, we’ve got you covered. Life here is good – as it should be. Enjoy your golden years at The Trace.

To learn more about living in The Trace, contact us today or schedule a tour to see what our senior living community has to offer.